DNT RoadMap

Version 0.11    (Foreseen Date: 2013-07-31)
+ -
Feature Status
dntMapEditor: Light editor Pending
Implement more talents Partial
Use of more equipments (clothes, etc) Pending
New missions Pending
Implement LFA (OGA) destroyed walls for outdoor maps Initial
Syncronized sounds with animation frames Pending
Render of weapons on MD5 models Pending
Blender widgets to direct set DNT objects values Pending
Changes to Door opening not stuck the player Pending
Redesign journal window Pending

Version 0.10    (Released Date: 2012-09-15)
+ -
Feature Status
BUGFIX: heightmap2dnt: Missing include Done
Highlight connections on Minimaps Done
BUGFIX: Changes on the bump mapping shader to suppor not so recent video cards (Geforce 6 series) Done
dntMapEditor: Map sounds editor Done
Use of area-affect talents Done
BUGFIX: Restrict SDL_ttf to >= 2.0.10 in ./configure script Done
New menu and game-over musics (qubodup suggestions) Done
New portraits (thanks to nubux, qubodup and scribe) Done
Lockable doors Done
Dialog checks against factors (instead of only numerical values) Done
dntMapEditor: Edit locked door parameters Done
Decrease the "A*" delay for Playable Character Done
Add a brief text alert when Playable Character A* fails to find a path Done
Option to always highlight connections on maps (enabled by default) Done
Surface texture indicating "possible-to-walk" positions on map Done
Mouse Wheel Scroll Zoom Done
BUG FIX: sound files with size lesser or equal to single buffer aren't played! Done
Sound Effects for button press and release Done
Select dialog options via keyboard Done
BUGFIX: A dialog options sometimes is selected, as it isn't waiting for the mouse button release to open the window Done
BUGFIX: Disable collision for dead characters to avoid path block Done
Script to control chicken idle behaviour Done
BUGFIX: dntPartEditor: added mouse cursor render Done
BUGFIX: dntPartEditor: fixed a bug on current particle counter and elements menu Done
BUGFIX: OSX: character portrait draw on game screen mixes red with blue Done
Script to control chicken idle behaviour Done
Campaign abstractions to allow more easy engine customization Done
Initial Script for default campaign Done
dntMapEditor: Some improvements to wall editor Done

Version 0.9    (Released Date: 2012-05-26)
+ -
Feature Status
New models Done
New maps Done
gui: rolBar use position button to scroll text Done
BUG FIX: possible double OpenAL stop when releasing an ogg_stream Done
BUG FIX: Fixed an undesired loop with a sound file lesser than the buffer Done
gui: button type: KEEP_PRESSING Done
Setting delta to models minY when lesser than 0 Done
script: new functions: callAnimation, setAnimation, playSound Done
New script to controll cattle idle behaviour Done
Support for "idtech4" "md5" models and animations Done
BUGFIX: script: bug on jumping from "else if" statements when an if was successfull Done
3D messages can be static on Y axis Done
BUGFIX: Fixed a bug that allowed a playable character to walk while not on its turn; Done
BUGFIX: corrected mapLights set Done
BUGFIX: corrected the offset to avoid glitches between rendered floor surfaces and shadows Done
New script to controll beggar's idle behaviour Done
Adjusts and fixes to the A* implementation Done
Simplified number of skills (current skills now are 12) Done
Removed the class Administration Student (too much unbalanced) Done
Disable vsync via OpenGL for better OSX performance Done
Verify sight when NPC select a target enemy and when PC or NPC do an action Done
mapEditor: Support for skorpio OD tilesets Done
BUGFIX: When attacked and without a target enemy, set the current character target as the attacker Done
BUGFIX: Fixed a segfault when money object check after object removed from map Done
BUGFIX: Fixed a bug on removing no more used scene nodes lists Done

Version 0.8    (Released Date: 2011-12-19)
+ -
Feature Status
Money Split (for barter and inventory) Done
New Missions Done
New maps Done
BUG FIX: Fixed a freeze when drinking a beer Done
map: Add object rotation to all axis Done
dntMapEditor: Tool to select and edit objects Done
New Bounding Box class Done
Apply Frustum Culling to shadows Done
dntMapEditor: Grid Mode alternative for object move on XZ plane Done
dntMapEditor: Show Mouse World coordinates Done
gui: define mouse hint for all gui objects Done
Add support for MacOSX Done
Add shader for texture splatting Done
BUG FIX: some object aren't removed from list Done
BUG FIX: Level up with skills applied to skill points Done
BUG FIX: Shadow is white on some video cards Done
New models Done
Scene and sceneNode abstractions Done
Character info text when mouse over portrait Done
gui: added object visibility flag Done

Version 0.7    (Released Date: 2011-02-28)
+ -
Feature Status
New models Done
dntMapEditor: Better terrain editor Done
Default walls texture repeat to 64 (instead of 16) Done
Disabling shadow for low height sceneries at floor (avoid glitches) Done
dntMapEditor: Using dntList and defParser for list of files; Done
BUG FIX: Fixed the render of outdoor minimaps Done
heightmap2dnt: Added indoor map import (with walls); Done
New Textures Done
New race's images Done
farso: Capacity to create empty (without decorations) windows Done
Text over cursor Done
Added instantKill percentual to weapons Done
Add instantKilled percentual to characters Done
dntPartEditor: rewrite particle editor to be more intuitive Done
Simplify and generalize particle system Done
New main GUI layout Done
BUG FIX: Text renderer was adding last character 2 times when checking width Done
dntMapEditor: Plane editor for any kind of particles Done
New classes' images Done
dntMapEditor: Better wall editor Done

Version 0.6    (Released Date: 2010-08-15)
+ -
Feature Status
Implement some initial talents defined at DNT Book Done
Capacity of using talents Done
Select new talents at character creation and at level up Done
Map reflexion enabled per square (instead ar per map) Done
BUG FIX: particles load was duplicating the last one Done
Faster run velocity Done
Render objects when equipped Done
New DNT logos Done
New mouse cursors Done
Particles follow NPCs too Done
Blood will follow character's head when needed Done
BUG FIX: a dead PC shouldn't enter the battle mode Done
Assign quick talents to shortcuts window Done
Rest button at shortcuts window Done
Apply Character's displacement value Done

Version 0.5.1    (Released Date: 2010-04-13)
+ -
Feature Status
UTF-8 support for languages Done
Add Russian translation Done
Optimize text render code Done
Adjusts to battle balance/difficulty Done
Apply skill and attribute modifier to damage and heal points Done
BUG FIX: Possible hang up when player character dies Done
BUG FIX: Ammount of XP received on killing (was inverted) Done
BUG FIX: Possible segfault when saving files without images Done
BUG FIX: play of ogg files at big-endian systems Done
Adjusts to make possible the compilation at AmigaOS4 Done
Option to highlight current enemy in action at battles Done
Added stencil buffer size as option Done
When closing an window, activate previous one (not next one) Done

Version 0.5    (Released Date: 2010-03-23)
+ -
Feature Status
Radiobox filter to the SkillWindow to only show race/class skills Done
BUG: Keep windows positions after map change! Done
2 new missions Done
BUG: Update inventoryWindow after receiving an item from a dialog Done
New maps Done
New models Done
Capacity to walk through low height objects Done
iaScripts can receive parameters Done
BUG: Fixed a memory leak on bTrees Done
BUG: Fixed a segfault at itemWindow Done
Better cxSel selection/deselection Done
BUG: Fixed continuous mouse move angle Done
Add modifier effects (drink) Done
Use of new objects (narcotics) Done
New dice-roll tests Done
BUG: shitf-run toggle for A* Done
Set initial animation state of models to a random value Done
iaScripts: accepting the use of - operator as 'signal change' Done
iaScripts: accepting literals as function parameters Done
Avoid too far away enemies NPCs act at a distant fight Done
'Rest' action for party Done

Version 0.4    (Released Date: 2009-06-22)
+ -
Feature Status
Projective Shadows Done
Tutorial to the battle system (as an in-game comic book) Done
Missions Journal Window Done
New Models Done
New Mission Done
New Maps Done
Use more objects Done
Minimap More closer (and translatable) Done
In-game comic book objects (items) Done
Fix a bug at sound controller when exiting game Done
Fix a bug at some reflexions Done
Ammo for Weapons Done
Way to Populate NPCs initial inventories Done
Balanced Barter Imposition Tests Done
Fix bug when loading game with inventory window opened Done
Fix bug that let you use itens without attack actions Done
Fix to PC orientation angle after load a game Done
Fix Save Files to save Character Experience points (forgot!) Done
Fix lost object when trying to equip a weapon by "using it" when already have another weapon eqquiped Done
Define Keyboard keys at options; Done
Fix a bug on DNT installation of bin directory and default options file; Done
Fix a bug when sound effect file doesn't exist Done
Set the difficulty to use medical itens as AC/2 Done
Change target enemy color under battle mode Done
New tabButton style to listText gui objects Done
Low intelligence character (<6) can only speak gibberish Done
Exit battle mode when no more enemies in battle range Done
Keep NPC Psycho Status at modState Done

Version 0.3.2    (Released Date: 2008-12-17)
+ -
Feature Status
Fix a bug on saveWindow when saving over an existent save file Done
Fix a bug on script's interpreter of else if jumps; Done
Fix a bug that keeps dead characters alive after save file load Done
Fix mouse 3d world projection outside the indoor map limits Done
Fix the text input on saveWindow (was too slow) Done
Fix a bug of losing the equipped weapon after loading save file Done
Fix a bug of Santa model won't completly finish the die animation Done
Showing Mission Failure! at 3D messages (not only on briefing) when fail to complete a mission Done
Fix to update health bar after load save file Done

Version 0.3.1    (Released Date: 2008-12-15)
+ -
Feature Status
Playable Character's "Run" Animation/Action/Option Done
Anisotropic Texture Filter Done

Version 0.3    (Released Date: 2008-12-08)
+ -
Feature Status
Initial approach to move NPC on battle Done
Only draw battle move circle if have move actions Done
Initial approach to NPC select the target to attack Done
Define sound effects per map Done
New Models Done
Character level up Done
Comic book cutscenes Done
Optimizations for outdoor rendering Done
Ranged options (sound volume, for example) changeable with a fill bar Done
Disable particles if no GL_Point extensions found (it will fix a segfault at the outdoor map) Done
Fix a bug at mouse coordinate (Screen->World) Done
Keep window state on map change (opened/closed) Done
Put Farview Distance as a Game Option Done
Re-enabled the outdoor terrain view frustum culling Done
Fix a bug when inserting a completed mission on mission controller Done
Fix a bug for inventory menu limits Done
Add icons to menus Done
Briefing at its own window Done
Load/Save Functions Done
Barter Done
Receive XP on killing, trickering and completing missions Done
Use of heal itens Done
New MiniMap Draw Method Done
Walls with different textures per side Done
MapEditor: tool to cut walls (knife) Done
New Missions Done
New Maps Done
Skill checks at dialogs Done
Finish the combat system implementation Done
Define multitexture as option (improve critically the outdoor rendering at old graphic cards, but disable the terrain texture splatting) Done
Fix Sun/Moon Position Done
Continuous walk with mouse Done
Call a read-only skills window at character's window Done
Use of Computers Done
Implement GUI tabBox Done
Define sound's interval time before loop Done
English spelling fixes (thanks to Elizabeth) Done
Fixed a bug at IA Script variable type check Done
VIM syntax files for DNT Script and Dialogs Languages Done
Use tabBox for Options and Inventories windows Done
Option: Show Enemies Battle Circles Done
Option: Auto End Turn Done
Apply Classes Saves and Bonus to Characters Done
Full French Translation (again, thanks to Elizabeth) Done
Getting user name and home on Windows Done

Version 0.2    (Released Date: 2008-06-08)
+ -
Feature Status
Meteors and FireSpheres Done
Fix Bug on Remove no more used Models, and when dead with itens Done
Indoor Reflections Done
Apply Race and Class Skills Costs (1), not (2), and Skill Level Limits Done
Do some adjusts to the A* Done
Smooth Camera Movements Done
Workspace for compiling at M$ Visual C++ 6 Done
Use of some weapons Done
First Tutorial game maps Done
Missions Done
Initial stage story put on game Done
More objects Done
More characters Done
More possible actions Done
Define Script thing to rule the NPC behavior when not in battle mode Done
Make some Tutorial Missions Done
Terrain texture splatting Done
Finish the scalable collision detection system Done
Messages on 3D world Done
Convert all objects from .obj to cal3D Done
Script Language Implementation Done
Rewrite the GUI Renderer Done
Translate the code fully to English Done
Use GNU gettext for internationalization Done
Apply Race and Classes Attributes Modifiers Done
Don't let camera inner terrain and large objects Done
Use SDL_ttf for text fonts Done
Option to set screen resolution Done
Item Information Window Done
Better dynamic lights Done
Fix Bug on NPCs Fight Animations Done
Add make install Done
TextBox display text of various sizes, fonts and colors at same time Done
Anti-Aliasing Done
Playable Character Information Window Done
Optimize Static Scenery Objects Render Done
MapEditor: File Browser Done
Show races/classes/alignments in alphabetical order for any language Done

Version 0.1.1    (Released Date: 2007-05-20)
+ -
Feature Status
Defined 35 FPS as the minimum one, instead of 50 FPS Done
Fix Bug on Makefiles (they aren't using things defined at the autoconf) Done
Fix Bug on A*: request a new path when not finished the movement to one maybe result in a crash Done
Fix Bug on .obj models definitions Done
Fix Bug on the inventory HEAD Done

Version 0.1    (Released Date: 2007-05-11)
+ -
Feature Status
General Particle System Done
Fire Done
Smoke Done
Blood Done
Snow Done
Waterfall Done
Some Other Effects Done
Some AI Done
Character Navigation by Mouse (A*) Done
Some possible actions Done
More Characters Done
More Objects Done
Dialogs with NPCs Done
Rules System Done
Max Range of Action Done
Inventory Done
Take itens, bring itens Done
Engine Optimization Done
Better Sky Done
New Animations Done
Camera follow active character on height Done
More Sound Effects and Musics Done
Bugs Fixes Done
Dynamic Grass Done
Fight System Done
Doxygen Code Documentation Done
Full Character Creation Done
A Full Working MapEditor Done
Dynamic Lights & Fog per map Done
Fuzzy Logic Done
OpenAL for Audio Done
GUI more smooth and Functional Done
Camera Full Controlled by Mouse Done
Road Done
Time of the Day Done
Highlight portals on mouse over Done
Camera Modes (Drive and Follow) Done
More Options Done

Version 0.0.2    (Released Date: 2006-03-17)
+ -
Feature Status
Support to Cal3D format for character models Done
Support for sound and music (SDL_Mixer) Done
Create some animations Done
Converts GUI to Graphical Engine Done
Add color mouse cursors Done
Colision detection more permissive Done
Makefile to compile on window$ (Dev-C++) Done
MiniMap Done
Constant character & camera velocity Done
Initial menu Done
Loading Screen Done
Functional and VERY ugly map editor (only on CVS) Done
Some new objects and NPCs Done
Options Done
Map to map navigation Done
New test maps Done
Skill Window Done
Objects Orientation Done
Better Floor & Walls Representation Done
Variable terrain height Done
Object pass throught Done
Interactive Doors Done
Mouse Selection Done
Sky Dome and Fog Done
Full English & Portuguese support Done
Partial French & Spanish support Done
Bugs Fixes Done

Version 0.0.1    (Released Date: 2005-05-30)
+ -
Feature Status
View Frustum Culling Done
Static LOD (Level of Detail) Done
First Implementation of Colision Detection Done
First Step to animation (body division) Done
The Character can Walk (erh, fly??) Done
Camera Full Movimentation Done