DNT Rules

As every RPG, DNT have rules, and they are all listed on the DNT Handbook Collection. Not being like the other systems, that like to mix information, we, the DNT Table RPG Rule Developers of Doom, divided the groups of rules on their apropriate sessions (books). Like this, it is easier for us (to develop) and for you (to understand). By the way, why do the player have to know about rules? They have to know discriptions. DNT Masters who have to know the rules. So, We are proud to announce that the player's handbook (portuguese original version) is 100% finished, at least its 1.0 version, and the translation to English is about 85% finished.

Last rules books update: 11/05/2008

Player Book Download
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English Version (78 Pages) 530kb
Portuguese Version (97 pages) 588kb